Wenger – The Time was now

Bergkamp, Henry, 49 Unbeaten, winning the double, winning the title at Old Trafford, winning the title at White Hart Lane, constant champions league football, a new beautiful stadium, a new training ground, keeping us close to the top during a phase when the cash flow was close to nothing, playing some of the most fantastic football I have ever seen in my life and last but not least, having me fall in love with The Arsenal. For these reasons, I am so grateful to you, Mr. Wenger.  No one could have led Arsenal better over the past few years.

I remember walking down the streets of London two years ago and someone had just randomly asked me, “Mate do you think its time for Wenger to go?” and my answer was a flat “No.” He was steering the ship through a tough phase, his star players had been leaving him year after year and yet he managed to keep us afloat. I barely ever get jerseys with names at the back, (the only names I have are Wilshere and Sagna) but finally I added another one, the shining light at this club. I got a Jersey with Wenger 1 printed at the back. He was going to get us through this phase and back to winning ways, but we just had to get through this phase. It was my dream to see Arsene lift the next trophy for Arsenal after all I am sure he wants it as badly as any of us, he’s held those trophies over his head and I am sure the feeling of holding those beautiful cups is unparalleled.

After the game today I posted this on facebook and twitter, for those who have seen Hugh Wizzy’s youtube video today will notice that there is a great similarity in what me and him have said –

Don’t think anyone else could have got us through the past 8 years better than Wenger, but if he doesn’t spend and doesn’t address certain basic issues at Arsenal Football Club, then maybe it’s time for change. I respect and love the man but its time for him to decide whether he loves his principles more whether he loves the club more. Step it up Arsene.”

It was a huge change from my attitude over the past couple of years. However, the fact of the matter is, this was the summer that we had all been waiting for. We had gone about everything the ‘right way’, we hadn’t been showered with money so that we could make a splurge every transfer window, we hadn’t sold our soul to the oil merchants but we had got through the tough phase, the time was finally here and we were going to spend. We would be spending ‘our money’ and we would be back amongst the elite. Anyone who has gone for the stadium tour would have been told that the stadium was created for financial reasons so that we could compete with not just the top teams in England but the top teams in Europe…. WHERE’S THAT MONEY GONE?! WHERE ARE WE COMPETING?! We aren’t competing with the teams in Europe .. we are just competing with our local rivals Tottenham who have a similar model to us but for some reason seem to be doing a better job than us!

As Gazidis proclaimed to the world –

“We have a certain amount of money which we have held in reserve. We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you, but what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you. This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time – the escalation in our financial firepower.”

In Rafa’s words you got to back something like that up with FACTS! The only fact that we have is in the form of Sanogo. Two and a half months later, nothing has changed, the dead wood has left and thats great but where are the replacements!? There has been no plan from day one. All we did was whore around trying to attract the best, for cheap prices. What did we expect? Madrid would just let Higuain go? Liverpool wouldn’t realized that we have been tipped off about a clause if we bid 1 pound over it? Why did it have to be one or the other? Why couldn’t it have just been both of them! This was the summer!

To make matters easier for Wenger, the phenom that is Alex Ferguson departed the scene,almost as though Wenger had been given the chance to be reborn. He had a chance to establish himself as top dog once again, as the one manager players would die to play for, put Arsenal back on the trophy map. Alas, if anything, we find ourself in the same situation as we were after the 8-2 defeat to United 2 season ago. Nothing has changed.

Wenger says that he will take a player only if they are good enough for Arsenal; Higuain is. Suarez is. Rooney is. Wanyama is. Where is the planing ?! If you thought Santos was going to be good enough then I can assure you that these guys are. But with good players come high transfer fees and high wages!! You can’t get a lap dance from the best dancer for a low fee. We are going to go out into the transfer market and ask for players and be charged exorbitant prices, and the problem is that we are in such a situation that we will have to pay for those players. We have 3 fully fit defenders going into our Champions league qualifier this weekend, there’s no semblance of planning in that.

Mr. Wenger I stood up for you all these years, you were the one who was supposed to know when the time is right to break the bank and get those players with our money. I pictured you holding that Premier League trophy high above your head. With the way things have gone over the past few years and especially the last few months that might not happen. My problem isn’t that you sold RVP to our worst enemy or that you let Cesc leave or that we messed up a Carling Cup final in the last minute. Those things happen and I agree that they might be out of your control. What bothers me is that you messed up the timing. This was our time, our hour to shine, your time to bring the club you so dearly love back to its winning ways!

Newcastle seems like a long time ago, but the right time was right after that, to make a statement. We mean business and by business I do not mean 4th place. Clubs all around us have signed good players. All we had to do was build on the core give them that added belief, signing the British core to long term contracts was smart, but you are missing the whole package. Players and fans have both begged you for your signings and anyone that knows two bits about football knows that depth is vital. HOW COULD A SMART MAN LIKE YOU THINK THAT GOING IN WITH SUCH A THIN SQUAD WAS OK? There are basic things places that need improvements which any layman could have noticed and attempted to fix, instead we spent the whole summer running after Suarez, which is fine but at a club like Arsenal shouldn’t we work on multiple targets at the same time?

The blame of this predicament is on you and that spineless Board behind you. Think of it this way, when your loved one or partner is out of order, it is your duty to get them back on track and tell them as it is, the board should have done that! What the hell are they there for?!

This is not a knee jerk post by any means, I love the man and meeting him was one of the best days of my life… The time was now, it came and went. I hope you dig us out of this hole and I hope that you get your legacy back, because you do deserve it.

Hearing the chants aimed at you today was heart breaking but for the first time in my life I understood their anger. I am not going to join them because I respect you for all that you have done, but after a point you can’t just live off our respect. Please  make the most of these 18 days, because if not I worry that you will be remembered for the wrong reason. Keep your principles aside and bring your love for the club before you.

Thats my rant against one a man I respect and love but sometimes harsh words are needed. On another note, Anthony Taylor, please just f**k off.

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