Fantasy Football: Who do you need from The Arsenal

I stopped playing Fantasy Football 4 years ago, not because I was bad but just because I remember watching a game once and a part of me was hoping Chelsea would scored just so that I could get fantasy points! Needless to say, I felt filthy. But for some godforsaken reason, I find myself playing Fantasy Football again this year. I caved in to peer pressure and I’m sorry. But don’t worry, I wont be hoping for a rival team to score my rule for the weekend, Arsenal winning = Good weekend, regardless of how badly I get thrashed in FF.

Anyway, just thought I’d give a little bit of insight with regards to Arsenal and who should be on the top of your lists when choosing your Fantasy team –

Top Buys

1. Walcott – One of the first names that I chose when I made my team was Theo Walcott and after the gazillion changes that I have made, he still seems to be an ever present in my team. He would be my first pick of any player at Arsenal (yes, even ahead of our miniature Spaniard). In the last edition of Fantasy Football Walcott played 2286 Minutes and scored a ┬áhealthy 194 points which put him in the top 4 point scoring midfielders. He managed to score 14 goals along with 13 assists, despite being left on the bench for a majority of the first half of the season.

Along with the stats that back him up, preseason has been a good indicator of what Arsenal hope to do with Theo Walcott this season and he seems to be one of our main weapons. On multiple occasions, one could see Walcott making those last minute runs behind the oppositions left back and against Man City he reaped the rewards for something that they have surely been practicing in training. In my co-bloggers words, “Walcott is pure cash-money in terms of points.”

2. Cazorla – Our midget Spanish Maestro also finished as one of the top grossing midfielders for fantasy points. Cazorla took part in all 38 games last season and scored 205 points after playing 3301 minutes of football last season weighing in with 12 goals and 13 assists. Our creative midfielder had some spells last season where he just looked fatigued and had it not been for that he would have surely had more points. Additionally one should take into consideration that it was his first season in the premier league. Unfortunately I don’t expect Santi to be firing on all cylinders just yet, with a grueling 2012-2013 season along with a busy summer thanks to the Confederations Cup, Santi has been low on rest and I do not expect Wenger to throw Santi into the deep end from the word go.

At 10 pounds Cazorla is on the more expensive side but with a paper thin Arsenal squad and most things good flowing through him one should get their money’s worth.

Giroud – Yet to convince the doubters, and with very little or some would say no competition for his spot last year, Giroud didn’t even head the points department for forwards at Arsenal last season. He was usurped by Podolski even though our handsome Frenchman played 300+ more minutes than our German clown.

But the fact of the matter is that Giroud is a confidence player and his history suggests that his second season is always better than his first season. At Tours and Montpellier he performed much better once he had a chance to settle down. His preseason form is a great plus for us and currently he is only battling for his place against Theo and Poldi, both of whom Wenger prefers to play on the wing. There is only one target / link up man in the squad and that’s Giroud, I expect him to be close to the 20 goal mark, he himself has set a target of 17 goals with around 10 assists so why don’t you show the man some faith and get him. If you don’t want to get him for his points well then I am sure his looks should be more than enough to warrant a place on your team.

Take a Punt

1. Aaron Ramsey – At 5.5 Aaron Ramsey comes at a more than reasonable price. I expect him to start a lot more games this season. Going by preseason Rambo seems to be our new Diaby, our box to box midfielder and along with Wilshere, when things aren’t going right I expect him to be one to try and make things happen.

Playing out of position, becoming the fans new scapegoat, being stripped of international captaincy and the death of Gary Speed hindered his recuperation after his terrible leg break. But the end of last season, along with preseason seems to have shown us a mew Aaron. I don’t expect him to be amongst the points like the ones above, but if you are looking for a cheap option for one who is going to get a few goals and assists this season then Aaron is your man.

2. Jenkinson – Not a starter for Arsenal since Bacary Sagna seemed to have regained his form, but just as it looked like the frenchman was going to keep Jenko out of the team, he seems to have picked up a knock. With Sagna being the wrong age of 30 and with his recent history of injuries, expect Jenko to get a fair few games this season.

In order to ensure that this buy is successful keep your eyes and years open for the latest team news before Arsenal games. Though Arsenal aren’t known for their defensive stability yet, Jenko coming at a price of 4.5 is far better than taking someone from Crystal Palace or Hull at the same price cause I can assure you that we won’t be shipping as many goals as them. Along with that his willingness to get forward might result in a fortuitous assist for your team..

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